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We offer top of the line cleaning, sanitation and disinfection products. Our products are EPA/FDA registered and approved. We utilize chlorine dioxide in fast-release gas form and liquid form. Chlorine dioxide is NOT the same as chlorine, bleach or any other harmful chemical. In fact, chlorine dioxide is so safe, you can dilute it down and even consume it without adverse effects. There is no chemical off-gassing with this and we don’t kill the bacteria, virus and fungus by poisoning.  To protect your surfaces and break the chain of cross-contamination, give us a call today!

"We Don't Manufacture Heathcare Products We Protect Them"

Our Solutions

Cover Shield Antimicrobial- This is necessary to protect all surfaces. With our cover shield, you spray it on and it covaltently bonds with the surface. It provides a long-lasting antimicrobial surface. Our products do not kill bacteria, virus and fungus by poisoning, we do it by impaling and electrically shocking the organism, killing it. This is ideal for high traffic areas such as: Schools, school buses, hospitals, airports and aircraft, arenas, bus stations, amusement parks and any other high traffic area. This product is also effective on clothes, towels and blankets. In fact, we had conducted a study in North Carolina involving hospital blankets and the results were incredible. The treated blankets showed a 95% reduction in organisms compared to the untreated ones. All blankets and towels washed at that healthcare facility moving forward, are washed with our cover-shield.




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