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Anitmicrobial Surface Protection

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Most Advanced Long-chain antimicrobial Surface Protection available. Works 24/7

Our system offers NON-TOXIC solutions to disinfect and protect your buildings, surfaces, employees and guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our surface protectant has a proprietary patented additive to increase it's bond and performance 3X. (#US 2018/0134733A1)

Our covershield is colorless, odorless and covalently bonds to surfaces. Our products do not kill bacteria, virus and fungus by poisoning, we do it by impaling and electrically shocking the organism, killing it.

There is no harsh chemical off-gassing or toxicity in the air. In fact, we have been tested and proved to improve indoor air quality. 

We can reduce your costs, improve your indoor air quality, defend against pathogens such as mold, mildew, bacteria, virus and fungus.

Click on the tab below to read more, or give us a call to discuss pricing and what we can do for your building and/or facilities. 


EPA Registration No. 64881-7

Health Care & Industrial

"We Don't Manufacture Heathcare Products We Protect Them"

Doctor with metal shield defends a child

We offer top of the line cleaning, sanitation and disinfection products. Our products are EPA/FDA registered and approved. We utilize chlorine dioxide in fast-release gas form and liquid form. Chlorine dioxide is NOT the same as chlorine, bleach or any other harmful chemical. In fact, chlorine dioxide is so safe, you can dilute it down and even consume it without adverse effects. There is no chemical off-gassing. "Superbugs" can not be formed as microbes are not able to build up a resistance to our products. We are physical destroyers and we don’t kill the bacteria, virus and fungus by poisoning with harsh chemicals that are also harmful to humans.  To protect your surfaces and break the chain of cross-contamination, give us a call today!

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