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Q8 Sanitizer Protects


200 +




15 - 20


On Average

"A Dab Will Do Both Hands For You"


Sanitize your hands with this award winning hand sanitizer that kills germs, bacteria, virus and fungus!

  • Long-lasting and providing up  to 4 hours of continual coverage and protection 

  • Alcohol, petroleum, water and fragrance Free

  • Remains on skin after multiple hand washings

  • Softens and restores dry cracked hands

  • Successfully tested for 4x more bacteria, virus  and fungus than the average hand sanitizer. 

Customers have expressed relief of:

  • Athletes Foot

  • Cold Sores

  • Jock Itch

  • Skin and Diaper Rash

  • MRSA

In certified 3rd party tests, Q8 successfully tested for 4  times more species of  bacteria, virus and fungi than  required by the FDA with a kill rate of over 99.99%

  • Testing showed that in 1 minute Q8 SUCCESSFULLY KILLED:

  • Staqphylococcusaureus MRSA

  • Escherichiacoli

  • Klebsiellapneumoniae

  • Clostridiumdifficle (c-diff)

  • and * more common Pathogens

Testing also showed that Q8:

  • Aided in the reduction of the neuro virus by 43% in 30 seconds,

  • Reduced candida auris by 90% in 2 minues

  • Is effective against foot fungus

Q8 Allows water vapor/perspiration to naturally pass through the applied film layer and provides a high level of  hydrophobicity, preventing contaminated water from coming  into intimate contact with human skin.  Q8 protects  the skin  from depleting its natural lipid content, helping  to avoid or significantly reduce dermatitis.  In addition, its formula reduces the ability of  the dirt and grime to  adhere to the skin, ensuring cleaner hands. 

Award with Bottle.jpg

The chemistry behind Q8 is so unique that our partner chemist won the GHP 2019 & 2020 Biotechnology

Award for Silicone and Siloxane. This achievement was recognized by Pharma Magazine, the industry's standard

periodical with over 260,000 subscribers worldwide. 

Q8 Hand Sanitizer is the latest advancement of this proven technology. It comes from years of R&D and testing, 

and demonstrates significant improvements to the technology. 

Award Winning Q8 Sanitizer

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