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Revolutionary New Technology to Eliminate All Odors


DeOdorPRO Gas- Fast Release Deodorizer


Get rid of unwanted smells easily and safely with DeOdorPRO multi-use gas products. It’s as simple as adding the patented pouch to water and letting the gas do the work for you. 

We have 3 sizes available, 25g for Auto, 50g for Boat & RV, 100g for residential and commercial use. 

  • Eliminate odors caused by mold, smoke and other organic sources

  • It is NOT a vapor and is the ONLY true gas available on the market today to deodorize a confined space

  • Patented Fast Release, one-time use: 6-12 hour treatment time.

  • The CMR (Chemical micro reactor) is biodegradable

  • Easy to use, lightweight, portable and self-contained kit

  • Consistent chlorine dioxide generation and release over a specific period of dwell time, providing the highest absorption rate

  • User NEVER handles or mixes the chemicals

  • The CMR offers the highest conversion rate in the industry, generating more gas compared to competing products. 

Tough On All Your Deodorizing Projects


Liquid chlorine dioxide is the ULTIMATE deodorizer solution! Stop wasting your money on air fresheners that just mask odors, eliminate them with our DeOdorPRO Products. 


LiquaSan can be used in multiple ways! It can be diluted down to be a multi-surface cleaner, a deodorizer and even a floor cleaning solution. 

  • As an oxidation technology, LiquaSan possesses the power to remove and eliminate odors caused by mold, mildew, pets, urine, fecal matter, sweat, smoke, garbage, fish, old house syndrome, etc. 

  • Treats all porous & non-porous surfaces without bleaching

  • Biodegradable packets

  • No clean up required

When LiquaSan and Fast Gas Release are used in tandem, the liquid maximizes the power of the gas to eliminate surface and airborne odors, reclaiming indoor air quality.

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