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Why Choose Sunset

Welcome to innovative technology, state of the art chemistry, revolutionary scientific research and development. Welcome to viral and bacterial insurance. Welcome to cleaning technology that not only cleans and disinfects surfaces right now but protects against microorganisms into the future. Welcome to Sunset Environmental.

Through years of scientific research and development, our lead chemist, John Blizzard, discovered a certain carbon chain that not only creates an extremely strong covalent bond to almost any surface but produces a carbon spike that literally pierces microbes that come into contact with it. The result is total mitigation of all microorganisms that are on or try to get on the surface that the carbon chain is covalently bonded to.

Welcome to the first and only viral and bacterial insurance. Once cleaned and continually maintained with our two-step process, your facilities, buildings, equipment, products, etc. will be covered under our insurance. You and your customers will have the peace of mind knowing that they are not only welcomed in, but when they leave, they will be safe, clean, and as healthy as they were when they opened your front door. As a business owner, you will not have to worry about being “ground zero” to any viral or bacterial outbreak. As a customer, when you see the “Clean, Safe, Certified” logo, you will know that you can enter that building, use that facility, buy the equipment and products and not worry about cross contamination.

Welcome to a two-step cleaning protection program. A program that is so simple, yet highly effective, it will astonish you. Step one is to clean/disinfect the surface. We recommend ClO2, Clobber, or Selectrocide. Step two is to protect the surface. This is what Covershield does. To maintain the “Clean, Safe, Certified” seal of approval, you must follow our program. The simplest way to would be to allow one of our fully trained and certified professional cleaning teams to clean and protect your property on a regular schedule.

Our cleaning teams are professionally trained, legitimately certified, and continually learning about all things clean / hygiene, effectiveness, and productivity. We understand that there is never enough time in one day to get everything we want done. That is why once you have protected your surfaces with our Covershield protectant, all you must do is wipe it off with warm water, and the surface to clean from all microorganisms. You do not need to deal with toxic household cleaning products. You will eliminate all odors. And you do not have to wait for anything to dry for it to be safe. Not to mention the money that you will save when you do not have to purchase all those extra cleaning products.

Our Covershield protectant guarantees continual antimicrobial protection for at least 90 days. Places such as international airports and metropolitan public transit systems will want to reapply Covershield every 90 days. Schools, hotels, restaurants, large businesses, etc., might only need to reapply Covershield every 120-160 days.

Welcome to a cleaner, safer world without harsh, toxic chemicals. Welcome to peace of mind knowing that you are protected from harmful microorganisms. Welcome to a safe and healthy future. Welcome to Sunset Environmental.

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