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Protect our Cities

Sunset Environmental offers a full system and product line to safely clean and disinfect your buildings while providing clean and quality indoor health. Stop using toxic chemicals that are harmful. Our products are safer and better than traditional cleaners for a multitude of reasons. Just a few include: cost effectiveness, shipping of goods, storage of goods, safety of product and quality of clean.

When you think of cleaning (disinfecting) an area multiple times a day, think about the product you are using and what it could be leaving behind.

Most of the traditional cleaners leave behind harmful residuals and harmful chemical off-gassing. Do you really want your children and people breathing unsafe, unclean air? Traditional chemicals also kill organisms by poisoning them, they are doing the same to you. Lastly and unfortunately, bugs and microbes have built up a resistance to these harmful chemicals and that is how “Superbugs” are created.

We have the solutions! Our products have been awarded as some of the best new technologies in the world. We have cleaners and disinfectants that are strong enough to tackle coronavirus and any other virus or bug out there, yet safe enough to drink and/or consume. We have an antimicrobial surface protectant that is like no other, regardless of their claims (we have lab tests and data to back it up).

We also have an award winning hand sanitizer that is long-lasting, EPA approved, remains on hands through multiple hand washings, softens and repairs dry cracked hands and has been proven to be effective against Coronavirus and other germs, bacteria, virus and fungus including C-diff and MRSA and many other common skin ailments.

Stop wasting your time and money on the items that will harm you. Say hello to Sunset and lets clean and disinfect all your buildings safely and effectively. There are many government inncentive programs to utilize our products in addition to certified training that has been endorsed by the IICRC and lastly virus and bacteria insurance (which is the 1st and ONLY of its kind). If you are looking for a full inclusive system that will provide you with peace of mind and long-lasting protection, then give us a call and ask us about our Clean, Safe Certified System today.

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