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Gloves in a Bottle



Tired of cracked and dried out hands? Tired of hand sanitizers smelling like Tequila or just plain alcohol? Tired of having to re-apply alcohol based sanitizer several times a day?

Well look no further, here is some amazing hand sanitizer that will soften and restore your hands instead. This award winning sanitizer has no alcohol, petroleum, fragrance, or water! And it lasts for up 4 hours of continual protection, even with multiple hand washings.

This stuff can also relieve – Athletes foot – Cold sores – Skin & Diaper rash – Acne – even MRSA!

In a 1 ounce bottle there is 200+ calibrated applications ( A little goes a long way) compared to 15-20 applications on the average alcohol based sanitizer. It is FDA approved and successfully tested for 4X more bacteria, virus and fungus than required by the FDA.

Just a thought: What if schools had this product? All it would take is a dab before class and a dab at lunch! Or what if you’re company offered it to the employees? Knowing that on an average day it would take about 2 dabs to be protected all day… I am sure most people are using a lot more than that to get through the day.

Lets face it today’s world is way scarier than we all would like or hoped, it’s a little piece of mind in a little bottle….

Q8 is definitely “Like gloves in a bottle!” and has won the ghp award in 2019 & 2020.

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